Running Business for Sale in South Delhi

Our Business: Our Pride

With an MBA degree in Marketing and Finance, since the beginning of the business in 1994 I have always tried to incorporate innovative techniques in retail pharmacy. Our company service trademarked (registered) logo and designs have been availed and appreciated by many customers from worldwide segments. So it is the prime time that you associate yourself with these new business ideas, and our leading pharmacy with a 24×7 surveillance security system and we had successfully developed our own pharma retailing software in 1997 and now we have software which has latest features such as barcodes, purchase import, accessibility from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection etc. This is not just a business for sale but it can be your best asset fetching you regular assured handsome returns.
Running Business for Sale in DelhiWe believe in the conservation of ecology, so our multi-tasking electronic devices like air conditioners, UPS, computers, inverters and the illuminating systems have been rated for constant power consumption. So you can rely upon this property for sale in Delhi, to get unbelievable returns for your present investment. We provide a customized solution to all of our customers, and all our medicines, and medicinal products are well-stored in refrigerators, and air-conditioned stacks. We have earned the repute of abiding by all the guidelines laid down by the Drugs and Cosmetic Act and rules.
We have been upgrading our infrastructure and branding in every 2 years so it is therefore it very well maintained.  We have more than 12000 likes on our Facebook business page by our esteemed customers who have been loyal to our organisation since the beginning of the time.                       
 OUR MISSION as for Our Customers 
Our business, built on a strong platform of reliability and service to the consumer. The “Health n Wellness” division, run by an expert team, serves in not only curing illness, but also preventing it. It strongly believes in the proverb: Prevention is better than cure. at this place more than 2 decades and offering a wide range of Health and Wellness products and among the first ones who fully computerized their retail store.

Your Life-long Chemist, We aim to become an integral part of our customers’ lives by ensuring that we meet all their needs efficiently. We work on the 7 essential points so that our clients’ health is addressed with the understanding and sensitivity they deserve.

  • Honesty
  • Value for Individuals
  • Teamwork
  • Assurance to Flawless Execution
  • Zeal for Extraordinary
  • Customer Service
  • Products offered Over the Counter


Other than Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Medicines we have vast range of    Over the counter(OTC)drugs    Joint Supports & Pain relief rubs/Sprays    Self Diagnostic equipments     Glucose Monitors/Strips    Digital Blood Pressure Monitors    Nebulizers    Steam Inhalers    Personal Care brands    Skin lotions    Shampoos    Conditioners    Deodorants Perfumes   Health Supplements    tonics    Herbal products    Food Supplements    Toiletries    Skin Care Products    Parenting and Baby Care products    Home Joggers    Home Walker and lots more.

 It is our constant endeavour to provide to our customers, unique retail experience. In pharmacy management, we are thoroughly committed to deliver the best of the service in this industry. We are therefore, sincere in our efforts, to serve them with dedication, to the best of our abilities. Our focus is on service and patient care.

Online Inventory Management

Adequate stocks are maintained at all times in the store through Online inventory management. More than 14,000 varieties of 100% reliable medicines are kept as a stock. These medicines manufactured by leading Indian and multinational pharmaceutical companies are stored in an air-conditioned environment to keep intact the effectiveness of the medicines through their entire shelf life. Also, only fresh batches of medicines are given to the customers.

Thus, We have 5 tier high standard of quality control is assured to our customers.

Benefits to customers

Customers can order medicines/health products through telephone or via e-mail. The medicines, health and wellness products are delivered right at the doorstep of the customers. Also offered are pick and serve prescription assistance to our esteemed “My _________“Loyalty Members.  ”MY _____” loyalty point’s account can be accessed anytime at our Loyalty Portal 24 X 7. The customers can experience a quality shopping time at our store through its system of counselled purchases, easy delivery and payment options. In addition, the store offers a wide range of health products and services and aims to be the first point of care for individuals, family and society at large.

Our company is a full range pharmacy with a variety of wellness products. Apart from the health and wellness products, it provides pathology testing and collection services by India’s leader in pathology.  It has acquired the highest level of laboratory certification – ” Diagno LABs” , NABL and AABB Certified laboratory, in this   business space. Call us for Free Home delivery, Sample Collection & other services.

 (We outsource Laboratory Business & get commission so it is not included in our Sale)

Health n Wellness Loyalty Program

Every time you visit our store, ask for Loyalty programme membership form. Membership is valid only if all your details are filled i n. You will be provided a temporary card instantly. A permanent Loyalty card will be provided within 15 working days. This card entitles you to special offers and privileges.  An Loyalty Program Member is thus entitled to extra benefits.  Get rewarded with points which you can redeem at your convenience. You can also convert these points into credits and use them in your next purchase.

Currently no Membership Fee or renewal fee is charged for My _____ Loyalty Program. Ask all your relatives and friends to join My_____ Loyalty Program to avail Special Referral point Offers.

 Loyalty Program Details

My _____ Loyalty program is a relationship program commenced by _____________ .Offers customers superior shopping and saving experience from a wide range of Health & Wellness products and services.

Earn My ____ Loyalty points on all your purchases & services.

The more you spend, the more points you gather.

You will get notified instantly via sms and e-mail alerts.

All we have earned here in the last 21 years is a Huge Goodwill as well as Profits.
 Because we believe Profit is Not a Bad Word.