This site plan gives you small business ideas about adding or running your existing consultancy or other wholesale business etc. from the same place independently.

Shop Siteplan

Total Area: 162.5 Sq.Ft
Ceiling Height: 9.5 Feet

 Site Plan for Small Business Ideas

 As well as this fully automated Pharmacy business for sale in Delhi.

First Floor Siteplan

   Total Area: 167 Sq.Ft.   TOUR TO FIRST FLOOR
Ceiling Height:  11.5 Feet


The full office area, Independent entry and exit to basement, ground floor and the first floor, are well described, with the compass directions to show you the strategic position of this retail outlet.

Basement Siteplan

Total Area: 197.5 Sq.Ft.TOUR TO OFFICE
Ceiling Height: 9.00 Feet